Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Review - Children of Men

Children of Men completely crept up on me, a really interesting idea and story. With some solid visuals, good cast and characters and sets. The story in Children of Men is based in the future and follows the character of name name played by Clive Owen as he tries to do what he feels is right. This would be a much more ordinary story, if the future was not childless where the youngest person is 30 something, and humans are infertile and unable to have children. So Freedom fighter Julianne Moore who plays Julian Taylor ropes in her ex husband name to help her transport name the only known pregnant woman in the world the potential future of the world.

Children of Men has Strong visuals hint at the future as a rather bleak dirty place where hope seems to been lost without children. Snappy direction and storytelling keeps things moving a nice pace and in some scenes everything antes up to some really jarring scenes that at the time seem very belieable and well acted. There are some subtle touches to scenes that probably could have stood up without them but these nice little touches make the scenes fizzle and crack, seeming more alive.

The casting is overall very good here, Clive Owen is great as Theo Faron, Julianne Moore plays the strong willed woman she often does to a tee and Claire-Hope Ashitey playing the pregnant Kee is sharp and witty when neccessary. Good support from Chiwetel Ejiofor and Micheal Cane. Summing it up didnt see much wrong with this movie i liked the idea, the style, the way the future was depicted, the occasional use of iconic images, the characters and the pace of the movie.

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