Monday, March 12, 2007

Review - Babel

Babel is a strange movie, it doesnt follow the typical hollywood movie style, it does have some shocking moments and it does seem very realistic. However it also walks the line of being shocking for the sake of being shocking and also taking itself to seriously at points. However the music and use of sound is excellent and it does manage to help define the various stories.

We have no one star in the film but the ones you will recognize are Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. the rest of the actors are unknowns to me but everyone is great in the movie i do mean that there are some good performances. With a mix of good performances and some tense and gripping scenes you are often glued to the screen very immersed in what is going on. This is possibly what didnt quite gel for me about the movie it was hard to jump from one story to another, when you had been immersed in one there was a period of readjustment and this broke the movie up for me, which is the reason im only giving it an average score.

Babel is a movie that could have quite easily slipped under the radar completely were it not for the award nominations its received, and its two well known stars. I have really struggled to decide whether or not i like this movie, and my conclusion is i think i do! Babel has made me think if only to wonder whether i enjoyed it or not, or trying to remember which parts i liked, it definately made me think though.

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