Monday, February 12, 2007

News - Bafta Film Awards 2007

So once again the Bafta Film awards are hosted by Jonathon Ross, the Bafta awards are always interesting to watch, partly to see what outrageous things are said by the host and also who walks away with the winning statues. I watched the show last night and tried to write this while i was watching, I have missed a couple of categories out, but the post below this one has the full list of winners from this years Bafta Awards

First up was the award for the oustanding British movie of the year, won by The Last King of Scotland, still haven't had chance to watch this movie so I’m even more excited now. Next up was the Rising star award and this was won by Eva green, with some strong competition in a tough category. Pans Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro won for best film not in the english language, another one I haven’t seen yet, I see a theme emerging here.

The winner of Best cinematography was won by Children of Men, Emmanuelle lubeski and richly deserved too it had a strong consistent theme with some great backdrops. I’ve got a review coming in on this someone this week if you haven’t already watched it.

Best supporting actress Bafta went to Dreamgirls and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson. Best supporting actor was another hotly contested category won by Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine. The Anthony Asquith Award for acheivement in film music went to Gustavo Santaolla for Babel, how many times do you think he is going to have to say the award title, yeh thanks Bafta!. Winner for Original Screenplay went to Michael Arndt for Little Miss Sunshine, but was overlooked by the funniest presentation speech for a category by Simon Pegg. Ricky Gervais gave an almost as funny speech but it was just a wee bit too smug for its own good, when he presented the award for best animated film which went to Happy Feet

Best visual effects went to..... Pirates of the Caribbean Dead mans Chest, mainly for the living beard sea creature thing that Bill Nighy sported. Best Adapted screenplay went to Peter Morgan and Jeremy Brock for the Last King of Scotland. Best director went to Paul Greengrass for directing United 93. Best Actor was awarded to Forrest Whittaker for the Last King of Scotland of course, with a lengthy acceptance speech that was nice to see obviously he was really pleased!

Best actress was won by Helen Mirren for The Queen, which is another film I haven’t see yet, wow I have a lot of DVDs to rent, although admitedly this is the one i will rent last. So one of the most popular awards of the show is of course the best film award. The winner in this category was The Queen.

Finally Anne V Coates got a Fellowship and Nick Daubeny got The Michael Balcon Award.

That rounds up the Bafta Film Awards for another year, The show itself was well worth watching just for a few nice speeches and presentations and a bit of pre Oscar buildup. The full list of winners are below

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