Monday, April 23, 2007

Review - Severance

Team building weekends away get a nice little promotion with the British movie Severance. We follow the trails of a team from a government weapons company who take a nice European vacation to a woodland lodge retreat. On the way to the lodge the coach driver stops as the road is blocked here we see the team dynamics come into play as the crew bicker and argue leaving them to find their own way to their team building accommodation.

Severance calls on some cliché horror shocker moments and is played out with a strange balance between realistic and spoof situations and acting, this is my opinion is where it falls down. There are some nice moments in severance with some characters that are easy to identify with and this is one of its strongest points. However some of the characters aren’t explained enough and well most of the action is really about the shock and the suspense.

Its a British film so I don’t want to rain on it too much, but I cant be too biased, its an average movie at the end of the day, not up there with serious shockers like The Descent or at the top of the pile with full out spoofs like Shaun of the dead, and like I mentioned earlier some scenes don’t play right the tone isn’t quite consistent enough to really get the movie.

Overall as a bit of light entertainment with some laughs and a bit of gore thrown in for good measure severance dishes up an overly long but not a painful piece of slightly confused comedy horror.