Monday, March 19, 2007

Review - The Marine

The Marine, it’s a pretty simple title for a movie and it’s a pretty simple movie, Marine fights for his country does a rescue mission with no authority and gets honourably discharched from the military as a reward. The Marine then arrives back home where his wife decides they should take a road trip after fitting back into society isn’t proving easy for said marine. Bad move they get caught up in something they shouldn’t have, involving a gang of robbers.

The Movie stars John Cena as the Marine, Kelly Carlson as his foxy wife and the only recognizable face I knew which was Robert Patrick as the leader of the robbers, Rome. The gang of criminals led by Rome has knocked over a diamond store and had a stash of goodies. The basic plot and its execution reminded me of some early Schwarzenegger movies, it’s quite cheesy in points but somewhat entertaining with it. I wished at a few points though that there was more substance during the movie or at least better dialogue between the characters. As a movie it took itself a little too seriously and the comic relief wasn’t quite up to par for a movie that would have benefited from some nice one liners, or some funnier sidekicks.

In comparisons to some of the larger movies recently doing this kind of action it’s not quite up to par, the current alternatives are much more imaginative, better produced and with superior acting. One for the die hard action movie fans only.

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