Tuesday, April 3, 2007

News - Daywatch dubbed and due to land

The long overdue english language version of Daywatch is due out soon. For those not in the know its the sequel to Nightwatch or Nochnoy dozor, the highest grossing Russian movie ever, and with good reason too, its a pretty solid inventive movie that will appeal to vampire fans sci fi and fantasy fans. In its favour it has flair, style and good acting with a whole heaping of weird and the occult thrown in for good mearsure. Its loosly based of the novel of the same name, just like the first movie was, a final movie is also due to be made in 2007.

Daywatch is well worth checking out when it lands on US and UK shores, of course though make sure you have already seen the origional movie Nightwatch otherwise you may well struggle to keep up with the characters and the story.

I hope the poster and promotional material is as solid and strong graphically as the origional material was. Daywatch is out in the US around the 1st of June and later around November time in the UK.

Link to the Daywatch trailer at Apple