Monday, April 30, 2007

Trailers and more trailers

So we have all the summer fun and excitement to look forward too with some seriously big movies being turned out for this summer. First up that we cant not mention is Spider man 3. I saw the trailer on the big screen the other week and i really didn't even think i would like it, but i tell you its a great trailer, it really sucks you in even if your a unwilling victim. Everything you need to know about Spider man 3 is already out there so im not going to go into any real depth except to say that if you haven't seen the trailer yet, then you really should.

Next up is Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End, now i know Pirates 2 had a lot to live up to and it had too much cgi going on, but cm on it was pure entertainment once you got over the slow 20 minutes or so at the start. Really good fun with some likeable character and some seriously good action and slapstick scenes the like of which you don't see that often, definitely not on this scale. So the 3rd Pirates is gearing up and it going to be opening on May the 25th.

Oceans 13 is another upcoming movie with a solid trailer, i've spoke about it enough here already so ill keep this one short.

Evan almighty is the unlikely sequel to Bruce Almighty, who would have though that movie would get a sequel. Steve Carell place Evan with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as god, what a role!

Disney and Pixar are at it again with Ratatouille, yes i know hard to say and even harder to spell. Featuring some stunning animation as we have come to expect lets home the laughs and slapstick moments are up there with solid animation movies like Ice age and its sequel.

All the links are below and take you to the relevant Apple site

Spider man 3 - trailer link here

Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End - trailer link here

Oceans 13 - trailer link here

Evan Almighy - trailer link here

Ratatouille - trailer link here

Monday, April 23, 2007

Review - Severance

Team building weekends away get a nice little promotion with the British movie Severance. We follow the trails of a team from a government weapons company who take a nice European vacation to a woodland lodge retreat. On the way to the lodge the coach driver stops as the road is blocked here we see the team dynamics come into play as the crew bicker and argue leaving them to find their own way to their team building accommodation.

Severance calls on some cliché horror shocker moments and is played out with a strange balance between realistic and spoof situations and acting, this is my opinion is where it falls down. There are some nice moments in severance with some characters that are easy to identify with and this is one of its strongest points. However some of the characters aren’t explained enough and well most of the action is really about the shock and the suspense.

Its a British film so I don’t want to rain on it too much, but I cant be too biased, its an average movie at the end of the day, not up there with serious shockers like The Descent or at the top of the pile with full out spoofs like Shaun of the dead, and like I mentioned earlier some scenes don’t play right the tone isn’t quite consistent enough to really get the movie.

Overall as a bit of light entertainment with some laughs and a bit of gore thrown in for good measure severance dishes up an overly long but not a painful piece of slightly confused comedy horror.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Oceans 13 Trailers & Teasers

Oceans 13 release date is getting closer and the trailer gives us some hints and teasers to the story. Based once again in Las Vegas hopefully this will be a superior sequel than Oceans 12, which was an average movie and not quite up to par compared to the superb original film.

Danny Ocean and the 11's crew are back with some new cast members, Benedict is on side this time as the gang work at hustling Al Pacino's character. This time round the motivation is revenge rather than money, Reuben (Elliot Gould) goes in a partnership with Willy Banks (Al Pacino) but ends up forced out of the deal and in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Danny Ocean gives Willy Banks a chance to let Reuben back in on the deal but is dismissed.

Steven Soderbergh is back directing and the movie is due out on June 8th 2007 & the trailer is out now and looking sharp and available in a variety of formats and quality, take your pick.

Link to the yahoo trailer & teaser page

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

News - Daywatch dubbed and due to land

The long overdue english language version of Daywatch is due out soon. For those not in the know its the sequel to Nightwatch or Nochnoy dozor, the highest grossing Russian movie ever, and with good reason too, its a pretty solid inventive movie that will appeal to vampire fans sci fi and fantasy fans. In its favour it has flair, style and good acting with a whole heaping of weird and the occult thrown in for good mearsure. Its loosly based of the novel of the same name, just like the first movie was, a final movie is also due to be made in 2007.

Daywatch is well worth checking out when it lands on US and UK shores, of course though make sure you have already seen the origional movie Nightwatch otherwise you may well struggle to keep up with the characters and the story.

I hope the poster and promotional material is as solid and strong graphically as the origional material was. Daywatch is out in the US around the 1st of June and later around November time in the UK.

Link to the Daywatch trailer at Apple