Monday, February 26, 2007

News - The Oscars 2007

So this is the big one of the award ceremonies, the Oscars, and this is the 79th in 2007. The Oscars if its on tv in the UK is shown as some ridiculous hour in the morning, and if you have work to do on Monday its not easy to stay up to watch, so i didn't get to see it, but a quick look at the news this morning helped me to catch up. Lets start off with the list of who won what.

Actor in a Supporting Role - Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine

Visual Effects - Pirates 2

Animated Feature - Happy Feet

Short Film(Live Action) - West Bank Story

Short Film(Animated) - The Danish Poet

Costume Design - Marie Antoinette

Make-up - Pan's Labyrinth

Actress in a supporting role - Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls

Documentary Short Subject - The Blood of Yingzhou District

Documentary Feature - An inconvenient Truth

Art Direction - Pan's Labyrinth

Music(Score) - Babel

Sound Mixing - Dreamgirls

Music(Song) - An inconvenient Truth

Sound Editing - Letters from Iwo Jima

Foreign Language Film - The Lives of Others

Film Editing - The Departed

Actor in a leading role - Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland

Cinematography - Pan's Labyrinth

Actress in a leading role - Helen Mirren for The Queen

Writing(adapted screenplay) - The Departed

Writing(Original Screenplay) - Little Miss Sunshine

Directing - The Departed

Best Picture - The Departed

Honorary Oscar - Ennio Morricone

First off all i'm glad that Martin Scorsese won best director, out of all of the nominated movies its the one im most eager to see and will do this week i expect time permitting. Babel won best musical score and admittedly i watched this recently and though at the time what a good soundtrack this is, wasn't 100% about the rest of the movie but the sound was done in a A+ fashion. Nice to see Pan's Labyrinth win best art direction i haven't seen this yet but from all the pictures, trailers and clips it looks gorgeous, and Del Toro's previous films have all been good lookers.

Ah special effects, brilliant when used and you don't even notice them, rather bad and annoying when they detract from the immersive nature that runs in all the best movies. So why did pirates of the Caribbean win, it must purely be on technical merit because although it was rather impressive it was too much for my liking. Finally best actor and actress awards both went to the people who were hyped to win weeks ago, now im wishing i put a few bets on even though the odds were terrible.

That's it for another year with the Oscars, i have only touched the surface though if you do want more Oscar related news, clips and reading material then head over to the official website the link is below.

The Official Oscar hompage link


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