Sunday, March 4, 2007

News - More Resident Evil Extinction

Resident Evil : Extinction now has its own trailer site with suitably annoying desert sound effects. This is the 3rd and final Resident Evil movie in what has been a successful series. Milla Jovonovich is back reprising her role as Alice, this time she has super human crazy person powers because of the biogenic testing that the Umbrella Corporation has been doing on her.

The Movie picks up 4 years after Apocalypse where the Virus is still breaking out and survivors are forced to travel in armoured convoys. There are new and old characters in the movie Chris and Carlos are back, with Ashanti playing one of the new characters humourously titled Nurse Betty.

Filmed in mexico for the desert scenes, Resident Evil : Extinction isn't due for release until September 2007.

Link to the Resident Evil : Extinction site.

source - sonypictures and wikipedia

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