Thursday, February 1, 2007

News - Updated Sunshine new clip

News - Updated Sunshine new clip

More Sunshine goodies on the way courtesy of Fox Searchlight. They have a new video for us to watch its the Sunshine production diary. Quite a short clip but it has Danny Boyle and the Visual effects crew talking about how CGI is a big tool in a movie like this and how they hope the movie is going to pan out during post production. This is another one of the movies im excited about at the moment, it has a rather grand scale to the idea behind the movie similar to the recent dvd release Children of Men and the upcoming 300.

You should know by now that i really like random information lets today look at the sun! I feel its highly appropriatte.

Sunshine Sun Fact 1 - The Sun does outputs as much energy in just 15 minutes as mankind uses in all forms during one year. imagine how big the suns power bill is! Thats 386 billion billion megawatts of energy.

Sunshine Sun Fact 2 - The Sun is 1 million Kilometers wide, you would need some serious mind over matter skills to run accross that.

Sunshine Sun Fact 3 - The Greeks refered to the sun as 'helios' while the Romans called it 'Sol'

Source -, sun facts taken from bbc.couk

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