Monday, February 5, 2007

News - The Messengers Box office no 1 US

Just released in the US and The Messengers is box office no 1. Directed by two brothers Danny and Oxide Pang who have made a string of movies together none of which i can pronounce correctly im afraid, but im sure in the future i'll be delving into some of their work. The reviews for The Messengers so far have been mixed with it coming accross as only an average horror thriller that had more potential but its a pretty short 84 minutes long.

The story follows the Soloman family as they renovate and repair an old farm in North Dakota. However things arent all present and correct and the children are highly aware of the invading darkness and the effect it is having around them. The official site have a trailer up if you wish to take a look the link is below.

Link to The Messengers official website.

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