Monday, January 8, 2007

Review - My Super Ex Girlfriend

My Super Ex Girlfriend is a comedy about Matt Saunders an architect who has a 3 year odd crush on his co worker Hannah. One day he meets a girl called Jenny Jones, who after a little help from his friend he asks out on a date when they meet on a train. She turns out to be none other than G Girl, who is pretty well known in the city. G Girl is a superhero who looks after the city in typical superhero fashion putting out fires and saving small animals from certain death. She has superhuman strength, a special skill for hearing danger and doesnt put a foot wrong when she is wearing her spandex. The flipside is that as Jenny jones she is exactly the oppositte nuerotic and needy and not so super. Matt while dating Jenny also starts to see his crush Hannah maybe be a reality for him, this sends G Girl/Jenny Jones crazy which leads you to the title My Super Ex Gf.

Playing Matt Saunders is Luke Wilson who gives a tidy little comedy performance not in your face, but very subtle and effective. Jenny Jones and her alter ego is played by Uma Thurman who plays it nicely, its Anna Faris though who really impressed me as Hannah the love interest. After seeing her last in Just Friends she was loud and annoying but very funny, in this she is understated and plays it spot on i was pleasantly surprised. Eddie Izzard also crops up in the movie in a supporting role. I Really did get what i expected with this movie is was decent light entertainment with a pretty origonal idea behind it. There were a couple of laugh out loud moments and a whole heap of scenes that will probably have you cracking a smile, one scene includes a shark and a living room something ive not seen before.

So not quite up there with some of the better comedies of recent years, but My Super Ex GF is not at the bottom of the heap either and this is due to some really nice performances on the part of the cast and a clean direction style. So for lighthearted fun or for Uma thurman fans just killing a bit of time.

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