Tuesday, January 30, 2007

News - The Number 23

Its taken a while for me to be able to take Jim Carrey serious as a serious actor, yes its hard because he was so good as a comedy actor. Ace Ventura and dumb and dumber are movies that i laughted a lot at when they came out in the cinema, so is being so good a comedy actor a curse for him? Well talking of curses here is the new movie starring Jim Carrey, The Number 23. The Number 23 is based on a belief that all incidents and event are based on the number 23, as strange as it seems there is a whole page devoted entirely to it on wikipedia ive listed the links at the bottom of the article. Spooky stuff reminds me of the number obsession that surfaced on lost in the first season, i do actually like stuff like this which is why im writing this.

Unfortunately i have no idea if the movie is any good or not yet, but i can tell you its directed by veteran Joel Shumacher whos last movie i liked was Phone Booth. Regardless there is a rather cryptic site up for the movie, again links are at the bottom and here is official blurb on the movie taken from the site.

Animal Control officer walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) has found a book he doesnt dare put down. By reading a mysterious novel, ' The Number 23' given to him as a birthday gift by his wife, Agatha (Virginia Madsen), Walter twists his once placid existence into an inferno of phychological torture which possibly lead him to his death and the death of his loved ones all becuase of the number 23.

The Novel is a chilling murder mystery that seems to mirror Walter's life in dark and uncontrollable ways. The life of the book's main character, a brooding detective name Fingerling( also played by Jim Carrey), is filled with moments that echo Walter's own history. As the world of the book starts to come alive, Walter becomes infected by the most frightening and evocative part of it: Fingerling's obsession with the hidden power of the number 23.

This obsession permeates the book and begins to control walter. He sees the number everywhere in his own life and becomes convinced that he is damned to commit the same horrific crime as Fingerling - murder. Nightmarish fantasies come to haunt Walter concerning terrible fates for his wife as well as family friend Isaac French (Danny Huston), placing him on a desperate quest to understand the mysteries of the book.

If he can unlock the power behind the number 23, he may be albe to change his future

The Number 23 is released on, yes how could they not, its released on the 23rd of February.

Link to the official The Number 23 site
The 23 enigma on wikipedia link here

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