Thursday, January 18, 2007

News - Grind House

Grindhouse is an interesting concept, its very hard not to give credit to these guys because they do attempt something a little offkey and against the current grain from what everyone else does. Sure you can trace back influences to cinema of old its a melting pot of times gone by and sometimes the taste borders on the over the top. Regardless they do come up with some damn stylish cinema. So Grindhouse is two b movies back to back, in this decade this is a one of a kind presentation of a movie, for that alone you should be excited.

The current crop of images, poster and trailers from Grindhouse are all visually stunning, there have been a lot of visually striking movies imagery recently you can take a look at some of the media from Grindhouse below, including a trailer in the yahoo link.

Link to the Grindhouse Yahoo trailer

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