Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News - Golden Globe awards 2007

The Golden Globe Awards for 2007, were announced last night, so fancy dresses, sharp suits, free champagne and some very funny speaches later, yes i mean the Sacha Baron Cohen one, the dust has settled, lets go through some of the highlights of who walked away with what.

First up from the Golden Globe Glory 2007 trail is Sacha Baron Cohen who won best actor in a comedy for Borat, im not going to type its full and proper title i have faith you know it anyway. Borat was a very funny movie less so for us who had seen him on tv years before but a worthy winner in this category. Babel walked away with best picture award for movie drama, ive yet to see this movie so im looking forward to it much more now. Forest Whitaker won best actor for a drama in a movie that only just got released here in the uk, typical! Another British star Helen Mirren won the best actress in a movie drama, were racking them up here. Both the supporting actor and actress roles both went to Dreamgirls stars Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson. and the final snippet is that best director went to Martin Scorsese for the Departed who is well documented as never winning an oscar i wonder if this made him any happier at his lack of glory in that arena.

So there you go a cutsection of the overall awards, and leading up the oscars, lets end on a random piece of trivia - Hailstones can kill, im sad to say that in 1988 in Bangladesh 92 people died after being hit by huge hailstones weighting up to 1kg/2.2 lb.

Visit the complete list here of winners here at the offical site
and the photos from the night here.

Source hfpa.org

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