Thursday, December 21, 2006

Movie Review - Crank

Crank its a nice little title for a movie, and it describes it well, the movie starts off as it means to go on, actually it just goes on gaining momentum. The things to like about this movie are, the frentic pace, the non typical direction, the rather original, very contemporary storyline and some seriously funny situtations that the main character Chev Chelios gets into as a result of killing the wrong person in his hitman dayjob. Playing Chelios is brit actor Jason Stratham, made a familiar face in lock stock and snatch and propelled into leading action man status with the Luc Besson produced transporter movies, the rest of the cast are relative unknowns bar Amy Smart who plays Eve, Chev Chelios's girlfriend.

So, Chev Chelios, sounds like a packet of crisps i know. His mission to seek and extract vengance on those who have poisioned him with a injection called 'the Beijing Cocktail' , this gives the movie its frenetic pace and combustable energy as Chelios only has a certain amount of time before the poision could kill him. This is also the catalyst for some out of the ordinary behaviour and general shenanigans and stunts, seriously the pace never lets up in this movie, consider this a high octane rollercoaster where if you need a break you can just get up and take a walk, not that you will want too. Stratham holds the screen as he does in most of his parts, and has the physicality to carry off the part well. the other main actors all play along fairly well, and the rest of the actors fit the roles well, including the doc and kaylo who help him on his mission to buy more time.

its not often you find a movie that has this much energy the nearest comparison is Run Lola Run, but the energy in that movie was more balanced but still present, well worth a rental if you havent seen it. In Crank, it really really never lets up, so sit back if you like fast paced action and adventure and enjoy the ride, the nearest you will get to pure adreneline on film.

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